Our History


EVATEG (Energy Efficient Electronics and Lighting Technologies Research, Development and Demonstration Center) has been established by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Arik with the initial funds provided by Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) at Ozyegin University.

R&D, Test , Measurement, and Technology Development Consulting are some of the services that EVATEG team provides with its internal team and global collaborators. One of EVATEG’s added values is its global team from academia, industry and government agencies. EVATEG team has delivered a large number of global projects with its novel approaches to develop science and technology as a part of the primary mission of the center.

A number of international patent applications and scientific research papers are developed for international conferences and journals. EVATEG team holds 12 international either granted patents or patent applications related to photonics, lighting, displays, thermal management or microfluidics technologies. EVATEG team also delivers invited talks and training sessions for thermal management, microfluidics, and lighting technologies.

ARTgroup as a sub group of EVATEG center does perform short-term and long-term research activities with novel approaches. Past and current projects include lighting technologies, display technologies, automotive lighting, microfluidics, electronics thermal management with funds provided by global corporates, government agencies and European Union.

EVATEG has open door facility for local and international researchers and engineers for its facilities and joint research opportunities. Our team highly values team work with global researchers for education, training and technology development. As a result of our global activities, the current number of EVATEG collaborators exceeded 65.

As a part of in our second project, funds provided by Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) played a key role for EVATEG Globalization. The center has accredited lighting laboratory as well as mechanical, thermal, electrical and electronics packagıng laboratorıes. EVATEG platform serves for our local and global partners to develop technologies and bring it to public use fast and efficiently.